Fun family portrait

My work lamp, her hair dryer, and an evening of experimenting with light and wind.

Plus, a new found art director.

Fun children's portrait
Fun children's portrait
Pro-tip: Kids are the vainest people on the planet. You can take a million photos and they only want more. They are the perfect test subjects.
Fun children's portrait
Fun children's photography
Fun children's portrait
Fun and unique kids photography
Fun children's portrait
Silly family photos
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Unique portrait
Unique portrait
Fun portrait
Fun mom and daughter portrait

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Alex Wiecke

Bob Cao

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Terry Dee


Anatomy Creative

I find it too easy getting wrapped up in what everyone else is producing out there. While it is amazing inspiration, it tends to lead me to prescriptive creative solutions.

A night just goofing off and seeing what was possible led to some fun results. We have two of these photos printed and framed (white) in the home and they look wonderful.

Give me a holler. This is an easy setup and I’m happy to share and re-create it with you. is where you can find me.
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