Terry Dee

People photographer. Port Moody & Vancouver.

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Production editorial.

Pantheon Moto & Honda Motorcycle

Now, how does one go about carving their mark in a field as saturated in quality as photography? I suppose writing, finding my voice and documenting it publicly would be a good start. Carlo insisted that this venture ought to be tackled with absolute focus. So as I look around the landscape that is design and advertising, I ponder that kind of commitment. There is creative solace and rejuvenation in working a camera. It can also be an isolating experience, being in sole control of the process and the burden of outcome. It is similar to everything I know professionally, and yet so different. 

A different kind of corporate.

Hyperwallet & Paypal Case Study Preview

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Select Portraitures

One off’s and portraits that I didn’t write a case study on.

Great Vancouver.

Walk-about’s with friends.

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Small town British Columbia.

Clearwater & Birch Island, BC

Population: 0.0000003289% of the planet.

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Port Moody.

When city life drives you to the edge, find the reasons it was settled to begin with.

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