Terry Dee, Design Director.

Terry Dee, Design Director.

Design, Experience & Photography

Projects are empirically proven to be 132% more rewarding shown in person.

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How do you get investors excited about an idea that is either foreign or you’ve been told is always “20 years away”?

Motion Graphics/Video Production

A collection of digital design, photography, product and advertising I have worked on. One day, some time soon, the children of the world will laugh at how primitive this all is.

AJAX Zoom. Image sequences. Cinematic GIFs.

A different execution of the parallax craze.
Website Design & Development

Make lots of mistakes. Also: screen cap them.

Solar is a beautiful technology. Solar racking was a bit more challenging to convey.

iOS and HTML5 Sales Tool Design & Development

No cars being shed as stress, because it’s important that cyclists and motorists understand that they can co-exist.

Photography: Carlo Ricci Photography Assistant: Corina Esquivel

Art Direction and Post Production: Terry Dee

Produce the kind of work that you love.

Advertising and Art Direction/Design

We took 2D dinosaur objects, sliced ’em up, animated them, and created the iOS version of Jurassic Park.

iOS Design & Development

Unity3D. iOS. Augmented reality. 3000+ product variations. Chromatography.

iOS and Unity3D Sales Tool Design & Development



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High resolution photography bundles

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Pitt Lake / Coquitlam River

Model: Nicole Longstaff.

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Yoga in the fog.

Model: Jennifer Kasuya.

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Charm Games: Headshots.


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We built an augmented reality basketball experience.

On a Friday.

Dap to Malcolm Overend.

As Seen Working On
Pepsi client
Vancouver Canucks client
Canadian Olympic Committee
Discovery Channel
Samsung client
InVision App
Zeplin Sofware
Adobe Cloud Creative Suite
Studio Cast and Credits

David Lam

Neil McBean

Roy Husada

Corey Tracey

Technical Director:

Alfredo Chu

Web Developers:

Cam Lee

Jaden Nyberg

Frederik Brummer

Mobile Developers:

Sunny Purewal

David Nelson

Dolly Bansal

Junian Triajianto

Unity Developers:

Philip Pierce

3D & Motion Design:

Malcolm Overend

3D Modelling:

Betty Kwong

Art Direction / Design:

Cam Marshall

Devon Drumm

Crystal Lee

Aksha Suri


Heather Stoutenburg